Small Business Intelligence Products

Expanded Product Offerings For Your Clients

When you join the Small Business Intelligence Network, you’ll get access to an extensive list of products already developed and ready to deploy. Our core team can also work with you to create custom reporting tools or custom apps specifically to meet your needs. And if you are looking to expand the kinds of products you want to offer your clients, our team helps members vet out the products that are right for them.

Data Warehouse

Using third party tools, we extract data from closed systems like QuickBooks® and store that data on a dedicated server. This warehouse becomes the source of truth that powers many of the other products and services offered by the Small Business Intelligence Network.

Developed with Microsoft Access®, the data warehouse is always synced with your QuickBooks database. With pre-built views of this data, you’ll be able to help your clients quickly gain insights about your customers, vendors, prices, and more.

Custom Visualizations

Data Visualizations bring complex information to life, telling a story and unlocking insights you just can’t get from a spreadsheet. But custom visualizations go beyond pretty graphs and pie charts. They empower you to extract actionable intelligence and help you manage, control and grow your business using the same tools as fortune 500 companies.

The custom visualizations we create for Network members are interactive with intuitive menus that turn data into actionable, easy-to-understand insights. The best part? You don’t need any programming skills and you still look like a rock star to your clients.

Custom Reports

Our data warehouse allows us to aggregate data from unlimited sources. QuickBooks, Access, SQL, Excel, even legacy accounting systems, can all feed the data warehouse. From there, our team of experts can generate virtually any report you and your clients conceive.

Custom Apps

The team at the Small Business Intelligence Network develops the custom apps that connect your different data sources and keep that data flowing. Time-consuming tasks like massive updates to QuickBooks can tax your resources, plus it’s prone to human error. Our custom apps automate large scale updates to data such as price changes or client information.

As a member of the Small Business Intelligence Network, you can work with our custom app development team to create apps that meet your needs. Alternatively, the team already has a number of apps developed and ready to deploy on your jobs.


As an Intuit Authorized Reseller with more than 20 years experience, our team helps small businesses select and implement Intuit Software Solutions. Don’t make a  purchase until you talk to us. As a member of the Small Business Intelligence Network, we help you choose the correct solution at no cost.

  • QuickBooks Desktop Products – Pro/Premier/Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Intuit Third Party Products
  • Point of sale solutions

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