Small Business Intelligence Services

Our experts provide training that takes your services to the next level

Join the Small Business Intelligence Network, and our core team provides data conversions and training that helps you expand your offerings. Our trainings is tailored specifically to meet your needs.


Accounting System Conversions

Whether your data is housed in QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online or anywhere really, it’s not “stuck” there. Working with our team, we can convert virtually any accounting system data from one format to another. Data cleansing and validating gets included as part of the conversion process, giving you and your clients the peace of mind that your insights start with reliable data.

And members of the Small Business Intelligence Network get access to training so you can do these conversions yourself. When you use the tools we provide, your accounting system conversions enable you to produce detailed reports like inventory valuation or trial balance, all without plugging entries. Join our network now.

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Access Training

Our Microsoft Access Training provides an overview of the elements involved in storing, viewing and reporting data. When you get training from the Small Business Intelligence Network, you will be able to create simple views and reports. We'll show you how to effectively and efficiently store your data, query it to get the answers you need, and create professional looking reports, all within the same application. You’ll also learn the practical application of concepts using the data tables and relationships found in the QuickBooks SDK, enabling you to maximize business intelligence for your clients.

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Tableau Training

We provide both the novice and the experienced user Tableau training that gets you proficient in how to use this powerful tool. You will be able to create basic reports build the foundation to create more advanced reporting formats. You’ll learn how to connect, query, and visualize your data right inside Tableau.

When you join the Small Business Intelligence Network, our training sessions may be 1-on-1 or we can accommodate small teams, too.

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Back Office Best Practice Consulting

Our team has been doing this for decades. With more than 30 years of experience working with over 1,000 companies, we know how businesses operate their back offices. Our “Best Practice” consulting is founded on identifying the right person, performing the right task, using the right tool, at the right time, for the right reason.

Not every “best practice” is  applicable to every organization’s needs. Our team has the skills required to apply best practices to businesses and still balance the qualities that make that small business unique.

General Back Office Consulting Practices:

  • Transaction processing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Management Information
  • Finance
  • Taxes
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Personnel
  • Retirement Plans
  • Cost and Inventory Control


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